In case you were wondering, the National Women’s Hockey League (NWHL) took aim at Barstool Sports CEO Erika Nardini recently for wanting to help expand the league. The audacity of that woman.

The beef has taken on a life of it’s own.

I like the NWHL, I’ve attended a couple of games in Buffalo.

When it was first announced that Buffalo was going to be awarded a franchise I tried covering them for our blog. The NWHL communications director was either new to the role and had no understanding of how communication between pro sports teams and media members worked or didn’t like me and ignored. Probably the latter.

Emails upon emails went unanswered. Response was literally non-existent. It’s not like I was trying to line up an interview with Wayne Gretzky here, I just wanted info on the league itself.

This was years ago and I’m sure that things have improved in that department but you quickly understood how things were going to be so I let others pull their hair out trying to cover them.

One afternoon I happened to be down at the Harborcenter and just so happened to catch a glimpse of a scrimmage between the Buffalo Beauts and the Buffalo Jr. Sabres. Now I can’t be certain but I am pretty sure it was a 15U team made up of all boys. I didn’t see the final score, but I remember it being so lopsided that it was not in the game recap. It actually had a recap? Yes, I was impressed too.

Let’s not get off track here though. The story is that there are people working for the NWHL that do not want the league associated with Barstool because it has followers that have made derogatory remarks about women on social media.

The NWHL has been a losing entity for quite sometime. Currently they are playing a two-week season up in Lake Placid, NY and just about nobody is paying any attention.

Meanwhile Barstool has raised over $32 million dollars to help small businesses during the pandemic. If you want to argue that some of the Barstool faithful are racist and xenophobic or misogynist I won’t win that battle. There are hundreds of examples on social media.

You can’t control people. Are you going to tell me that there aren’t racists sitting next to you at a poetry reading at Barnes and Noble? I guess no xenophobes visit museums or plays in New York City? Who knew Barstool had the market cornered on assholes?

This is just the same cancel culture dipshits hard at work again.

When is the last time you saw a highlight from the NWHL on Sportscenter? This donnybrook between the NWHL and Barstool is the most press the league will receive all year.

What Nardini and company have done is nothing short of amazing. For her to step up and want to help push this league further and then to catch crap for it from two disgruntled individuals then the NWHL deserves what’s coming. The league has been dying a slow death time to put a fork in it.

David Portnoy, Barstool founder released a video with his thoughts on the situation


I would not bet against Portnoy and company developing their own women’s hockey league and putting the NWHL to shame. In fact I’d be looking to invest if given the chance.

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