I remember growing up a Bills fan, every year I would predict them to go to the playoffs then in 1980 I remember how bad I took the loss in the playoffs then again the following year. In 1988 the Bills lost to the Bengals in the AFC championship game that game hurt but not as much as it did when I was younger now that could be the beginning of being a conditioned Bills fan, we grew use to the wheels on the bus falling off, same with the 4 Super Bowl losses.
Last night they lost to the Chiefs in the AFC championship game and all the memories of me as a kid came back and this time I had to deal with a 13 year old son going through the heartbreak, I explained that this is what it’s like being a fan, I explained to him that this isn’t the last time he will see them play in a championship game they have the look of a team that will be a playoff contender for years to come and I think after our conversation I got the feeling that he understood and he excepted what happened. The one thing about being a Bills fan and being a father I get to hand down my experiences of being a fan to my son and watching him soak it all in. One silver lining in a dark cloud is that this team may have opened up a lot of kids to become Bills fans. Go Bills, see you next season.

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