I remember as a kid we had 5 channels to choose from on TV then we later got cable and eventually a satellite dish and I thought this was going to be great, I’ll never run out of programs to watch well that feeling didn’t last long as I realized that most of it was garbage and not worth watching, fast forward to today and I have noticed that YouTube is putting out more entertaining content than television.

A few years ago I was stuck home recovering from multiple surgeries and got into watching what my kids were watching, first my daughter getting into a vlog by Shawn Duras about his daughter Adley, it’s cute and a fun way to pass the time then my son got me into “ Dude Perfect” a bunch of buddies from Texas A&M that made fame by posting trick shot videos now that are now one of YouTubes biggest draw, wholesome programing for the family to enjoy I’ve also discovered car themed videos such as “Roadkill” two editors from Hot Rod magazine having fun building cars and going on road trips while constantly fixing their cars during the trip.

If you’re a football fan may I suggest “Grid Iron Heights” an animated show making fun of things going on in the NFL. I have to say my favorite might be Tom Grossi a New York comedian who hosts his own Packer nation program, but as he says “you don’t have to be a Packer fan but it helps” Tom plays multiple characters including Fredrick who is a Buffalo Bills fan, Tom is funny and entertaining. It may be only a matter of time before YouTube passes network TV in viewership, in fact I think it may have already happened.