This is the first installment of Tony’s Corner where I will chime in on what interests me or I just find fascinating. As people get older they look for ways to enhance their retirement years by investing in stocks or putting together retirement plans, one area you can look into is investing in classic cars, cars will always be a big part of our lives so why not use your love for cars as a way to invest in your future?
If you watch any of the popular car auctions you have seen how much cars are going for these days. I always say if I could go back in time I would buy a classic car and sell it and be set for life. In 1957 you could buy a 57 Bel Air for around 2 thousand five hundred, today you could sell that same car for 40 to 60 thousand, in 1967 a GTO could be purchased for forty five hundred and today it will sell for 55 to 70 grand so you can see how the value has sky rocketed. Buy a classic at a low price put some money into it to get the car where it needs to be and you can make a nice profit. In my next installment I will give you some tips on what to look for in buying a classic.